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Value of Membership

JDUG (JDIS Users Group) is the only organization that consists exclusively of John Deere dealers. It is also the only organization that exists for the sole purpose of providing a voice for dealers based exclusively on what is best for the John Deere dealer. The organization places an emphasis on maintaining focus on the dealership bottom line. The JDUG Board consists of dealership employees from AG/CCE and C & F dealerships who volunteer their time and energy to help plan the JDUG Summit and to improve the efficiency of dealership operations, especially as it relates to technology solutions.

Membership gives you access to dealership best practices within specific departments such as parts, service, sales, accounting, HR, marketing, and information technology.  It also helps you build contact resources from all over North America from dealers who have “been there” and are “doing it” day in and day out.
A portion of conference fees are reinvested back into JDUG to continuously improve and provide more value to members. Our website - - has many interactive features that allow you access to solutions as you need them 24/7.

Annual Conference:
  • Provides for all levels of training in all department areas of the dealership.
  • Provides valuable access to vendors who have proven solutions that enable better utilization of our existing systems as well as showcasing new ones.
  • Provides direct access, feedback, and input to the people responsible for Deere Division applications.
  • Provides direct access, feedback, and input to JDIS.
  • Provides direct access to other dealership personnel who share best practices, solutions, “tips & tricks”.
  • Provides solid friendships and future contacts.
JDUG is an organization of John Deere dealers working for the benefit of John Deere dealers.