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Frequently Asked Questions

John Deere Information Systems (JDIS) - A supplier to dealers with a full suite of IT services, including a business system, IT consulting services, software and hardware.

Deere & Company – The parent company of all John Deere business. Most dealers will interact daily with various divisions of Deere & Company. Here are some examples of Divisions and their relationship to technology solutions:
  • Ag Division - Agricultural Business Unit (Pathways applications i.e. JDMINT, JDPOINT, WIN, JDSETT, etc); and CCE Division. (Pathways applications i.e. Mass Merchandising, RTM, etc.)
  • C & F Division - Construction and Forestry Business Unit (DEALERPATH applications) 
  • JDF - John Deere Financial (wholesale and retail finance) 


If JDIS is Deere, then who is JDUG? Isn't it just a part of JDIS? 

No. JDUG is a non-profit independent organization that works with JDIS, Deere & Company, and vendor partners for the benefit of John Deere dealers. JDUG was formed by and is run by individual Deere dealership employees who are elected each year to serve on the JDUG Board. JDUG is truly a DEALER organization.

If JDUG is completely separate from JDIS, then why do I see all these JDIS people doing everything when I go to the annual JDUG meeting?

You will see a lot of JDIS people there due to the fact that John Deere sponsors and produces the Dealer Solutions JDUG Summit for Deere dealers. Even if you do not use JDIS software, you will not want to miss the JDUG convention. There are a number of other solutions, best practices, training, and other benefits of being there that will provide you and your dealership excellent value now and in the future.

If JDIS is the one doing all the classes, then what do the JDUG people do?

JDIS is not the only one doing the classes. Classes are put on by the Divisions, partner vendors, and JDUG itself. All class content is tailored to the Deere dealer organization. If you do not have the EQUIP system, you can gain HUGE benefits from the other training sessions provided. If you do have the EQUIP system then these benefits are enhanced by attending the best practices sessions, as well. The JDUG people on the Board put in hours of volunteer efforts to plan, organize, finalize, and provide support for all conference attendees in order to deliver the best value to our membership.

Are the vendors just trying to peddle something when I'm there to learn?

If their solution fits your need, then yes, they will “peddle it to you.” If not, then do not worry about it. All vendors invited were screened and contacted because a fellow dealer recommended them; they helped solve a problem they had in their dealership. Not all vendors will have a solution for you; however, you would be hard pressed to not take a suggestion or two back from the conference that will improve at least one area your dealership.